The Safety Features You Should Look For from a Pet Grooming Service

Finding a good Pet Grooming in Columbus Ohio could be a daunting task for anyone who wants to give the best for their pets. You should consider several factors before deciding the service you are going to use. One of them is the safety of the service. Here is what you should look for from the safety feature of the pet grooming service.

Pet Groom Facility Tour

The tour will give you information about what your pet will get later. Find one that has a specialized grooming room for different types of pets. It means they know what they do with the pet. Moreover, if you also can see the room difference clearly, like it has some mark for a specific pet that is also a good thing. So, you know that you put your pet in the right room.

Best Staff

It is not only about the staff grooming skill and how they treat your animal. More importantly, the staff also must know about how to do the first aid treatment for your pet, in case something happens during the service. Find the pet grooming service with the staff that has been trained for at least 2 years of CPR/First Aid training. Plus, if that company also has a veterinarian room that can treat your pets.

Certification is also necessary. A certified groomer will give your pet the best service and a satisfying result. They most likely also provide the service without making your pets feel stressed. Your pets even have fun during the grooming process in the hand of the certified groomers.

The Equipment

Equipment that the groomer will use also has a big part in the safety of the service. The first thing you should consider is equipment hygiene. You can find more information about how the pet grooming service treats their equipment from their official website. Or, use the third-party review and customer testimonial to find more about it.

What you should look for is the type of product they used. It must only be the non-pesticide and hypo-allergic products. This kind of equipment won’t cause pain or discomfort on the pets when they are in the grooming process. Additionally, make sure the room has the equipment that reduces the risk of infection, like a UV light system or HVAC system that can kill the airborne viruses.


Kennels are also one of the required equipment to ensure your pet’s safety. Some pets maybe are comfortable with other pets around them. However, if your pet is not like that and is too shy, it may need kennels to protect it from other pets. Plus, it also helps the grooming process finish safely.


Last but not least, make sure they also provide insurance for all pets they handle. It will put your mind at ease. You can relax because your pets are safe. By using all these factors, we believe that you will be able to find and get your pet the best service of Pet Grooming in Columbus Ohio.

4 Steps to Become A Scary Pennywise Clown with Face Paint in Halloween

Face paint is a popular product during Halloween. People want to paint their faces as scary as they can to celebrate Halloween. You and your family can be a Pennywise clown in a day. Ensure that you get safe paints that will not harm your skin and are easy to clean. Jest Paint is one of the most trusted stores that provide a variety of body and face painting products. Check what you need to become a Pennywise clown before using the products.

Things You Need To Paint Your Face To Becoming A Pennywise Clown

You need to prepare three basic colors, which are black, red and white. Use theatrical cream or grease-based makeup if you want the paint to last longer in your face. It will be better to use alcohol-based paint, so it doesn’t fade only because you are sweating. This paint product lasts longer on your face compared to water-based paint. Use a setting powder or sealer spray on the skin before and after makeup if you choose water-based paint. Jest Paint is a one stop online store that provides you with a variety of body and face paint products, including all the products you need to become a Pennywise clown.

How to Paint A Pennywise Clown in Your Face

Apply the White Base

The first thing is applying a smooth white base. Ensure that you don’t apply the white base too thick otherwise it cracks. Pat your face with a sponge while creating the base to prevent blotches. Cover up the entire skin to make it look real, including your ears, neck, and hairline. Use some grey or black powder on the white base. It gives a dirty look that makes your makeup scarier. Draw grey wrinkle lines on the forehead, thicker brow bone, and cheekbone shading if you have time. This trick makes you look like a real Pennywise clown.

Create Lips and Clown Mouth

Lips and Mouth are other unique elements that strengthen the characters of a clown. Use red for the lips. Paint the lips slightly larger and fill them with red color. Draw a thin red line up to the cheekbones until the bottom of the outer edge of the iris of each eye for a realistic clown mouth.

Create a Clown Nose and Creepy Eyes

Use the red face paint to create a clown nose. You may add a tiny bit of black on it. Create an outline on the eyes with black. Use eyeshadow to create a smoky eye effect. Make the eyes creepier by adding other colors, such as purple, red, green, blue, or silver.

Create a Clown Eyebrows

You can create black, short, and thin eyebrows. On the other hand, it is also okay if you want to create eyebrows that are carved into the skull cap, along with light grey.

That’s it! Be creative to be the most realistic Pennywise clown, including wearing the same clothes and accessories. The result will be perfect if you use high-quality face paint products. Check the products you need at Jest Paint to be ready to celebrate Halloween with Pennywise Clown face paint.

6 Fun Tips to Get the Most Attractive and Valuable Baby Memory Books

First-time moments of your baby are amazing and something you want to keep in your memory. You can make those amazing first moments last longer by creating baby memory books. Imagine that you can open the book anytime you want to see your baby a few hours after birth, their first cry, crawl, walk, smile, and many more. Check several tips to get the best baby memory book that makes you want to keep it forever.

Choose A Baby Memory Book with a Chick and Timeless Model

Some parents decide not to check the gender of the baby until he or she is born. So, how do they choose properties for their baby? Nowadays, parents can find neutral gender fashion items or products for babies.

It means that the products are suitable whether for a boy or girl baby. You can also find this option in the baby memory book industry. As a result, the book is flexible where parents or pregnant mothers can use it even in the earliest stages of pregnancy.

Flexible To Use 

A good baby memory book is flexible to use. It means that users can start to keep special moments from the pregnancy periods until the baby is born. You can even continue saving the moments, such as his or her first weeks, first years, and even after they are 5 years old.

The Model of the Memory Books 

Considering the model of the baby memory books is important. You will look at the model or cover of the book for the first time before opening it. An attractive and elegant baby memory book increases your mood to save lovely memories there.

It is also great if you want to show modern baby memory books to your friends or family. Imagine that they are attracted to see the book from the beginning when they see the model or cover.

The Materials of the Memory Books 

The materials of the memory books often determine their durability. A baby memory book made of a hardcover will be more durable than other materials.

Some designers also use acid-free and archival paper to keep the book last longer. As a result, the quality of the paper will not change even after a few months or years.


Some baby memory books ideas are not only for saving precious moments of your baby but also to keep you and your baby creative. Let’s say you can find a baby memory book with a story inside.

The story helps the brain development process. Some designers also support their products with an envelope. It helps you to keep small precious things, such as hospital bands and a lock of hair.

Number of Pages 

Unique baby memory books come up with a different number of pages. Some books have 90 pages but some others have 160 pages. Each page consists of different prompts, such as a family tree, space to put photos, blank space to write something, and many more. Try to classify the topic you want to save in the book to determine what kind of baby memory books you need.

5 Hidden Benefits of Wearing a Wealth Bracelet in Life

Certain wealth bracelet is made of obsidian. This powerful crystal is believed to give a lot of benefits. An online store such as Fortune Houses offers a variety of wealth bracelets, including Feng Shui Pixiu. Take a look at the benefits of wearing this product below before buying it.

Clear the Psychic Smog within Aura

As a natural crystal made of volcanic glass, obsidian can clear the psychic smog within your aura. In spiritual beliefs, an aura is human energy that represents colored emanation. Spiritualists believe that aura can also reflect health and everything in life, including luck.

The color of aura varies, such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. The more blur the color of the aura, the closer the person with health problems and luck. One way to make the aura back to normal and clear is by using a wealth bracelet which has a role to clear the smog, such as a Feng Shui Pixiu bracelet.

Protect Users from Shadow Traits

Some people often feel anxiety, fear, anger, and other negative feelings and thoughts. Shadow traits can be one of the causes of those negative things in life. Obsidian also has a role to protect your soul from shadow traits.

This stone resonates with the root of the chakra and aids unwanted things away from your soul and aura. That’s why you feel happy and enjoy your life after wearing this wealth bracelet for a few weeks. You can even feel good luck comes into your life over and over again.

Make You More Confident

One of the functions of the black obsidian bracelet is to improve your positive energy. The more positive your energy, the happier your life. The happier your life, the more confident you are. The energy of this black stone is connected to the earth.

This connection is like a magnet that can attract good energy to something close to the stone, including a human. The good energy from the stone attracts good fortune to your life over and over. As a result, you look fresher, healthier, and more confident than before.

Attract Money and Wealth

A specific symbol in a bracelet works to increase the benefits. Let’s say a Pix Xiu is a symbol that can attract money and wealth in Chinese. Don’t get surprised if a person wears a bracelet with a Pix Xiu symbol and he or she is rich and wealthy.

Because of the function, Pix Xiu is popular among business people, investors, and even gamblers in Asia. Instead of bringing it in the pocket or bag, people choose to wear it in a bracelet. It makes the bracelet easy to bring and makes you stylish.

Protect Against Evil Forces or Negative Energy

Some people also use this bracelet to protect against evil forces and negative energy. It is based on the ability of the obsidian wealth bracelet to attract positive energy and remove bad or negative energy. As a result, you are healthier and fresher after wearing this wealth bracelet for a few weeks or even after wearing it only for a few days.

The Benefits of Furniture Donation Pick Up Service for Those who want to Donate Their Furniture

Sometimes, you get confused about removing your old furniture before changing to a new one. Instead of throwing it away, you can donate it to a charity. The donation process is easy with the help of the furniture donation pick up service. A specific service, such as Charity Dispatcher helps people who want to donate to the Christian Army. Check the benefits you get when you are using this service.

Easy to Donate 

Imagine if you have to bring the furniture you want to donate by yourself. It takes time and energy to transfer it. Plus, you may don’t know people who deserve to accept your donation. A donation pick up service makes the process easy. You only have to call the service and complete several requirements. Then, a team will come to your address and pick the furniture up. Indeed, you also don’t need to think about the location to donate the furniture. In the case of Charity Dispatcher, they will donate your furniture to the Christian Army 501(c)3 Charity Donation Center, the Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill Donation Pickup, furniture banks, and Salvation Army Pickup.


You don’t need to spend extra money to pay for the delivery service. The pick up service is free. All you have to do is prepare the furniture you want to donate. It can be a single piece of furniture and multiple furniture sets. Make sure that the furniture is in excellent condition. Then, wait for the furniture donation pick up service to come to you and pick all the items up.

Online Procedure

You also don’t need to come to the office only to donate furniture. Go to their official website once you are ready to donate furniture. Reputable donation services often have an online scheduling form. Donators only have to fill out the form and wait for approval. The information you need to include is including your personal information, contact information, and a brief description of the items you want to donate.

Manage the Pick-Up Schedule 

You can still manage the donation process from the beginning until the end. A furniture donation pick-up service gives a chance to manage the schedule. Donators can choose their preferred pick up day or take the next day’s pickups. You only have to take pictures of the items you want to donate and upload them. Don’t forget to include a brief description of the furniture. Submit the form and wait for the approval. This service helps you to manage the donation schedule in your most comfortable time, so you can manage the process until the furniture leaves your home.

Donate to the Right Hands

A specific donation service such as Charity Dispatcher is a trusted service. They know what to do with your donation. As a result, you can donate to the right hands through the furniture donation pick up. Let say you are donating your furniture for people who recover from addiction and give them another chance at life. You can also check the report if it is necessary. It is glad to know that your furniture is precious and helping others, right?