3 Tips to Choose the Best Wall Mounted Dish Rack

Wall mounted dish rack is not only a place where you can put your washed dish to let it dry. Some people also use it as a place to keep their dishes. It also saves more space in your kitchen because you mount it on the wall. As useful as it can function for your kitchen, careful consideration is necessary when you choose it. Here, we will guide you on the journey of finding the best dish rack, wall-mounted version.

Choose the Best Material

The first thing you should consider is the material of the rack dish. There are many options out there. But we recommend you choose a plastic or stainless steel wall mounted dish rack. Why? These two materials are durable. Moreover, it also has high resistance against rot or mold.

You also can find many dish racks made of wood. They look beautiful and natural because of their material. However, there are many reports that this kind of dish rack is easy to rot and get mold. Even though there is a specific finish to cover and protect the wood, but it still got that problem. So, choose only plastic and stainless steel. They are free from mold problems and very durable.

It Must Be Easy to Clean

In most cases, people don’t clean their too often. Many of them clean it once a month or every two months. It is because we use this dish rack continuously, so taking it off from the wall and cleaning it is quite troublesome. You can’t do it too frequently.

The easy-to-clean here means that it is easy to clean by simple washing or wiping with a cloth. But you also must be able to remove it or disassemble it from the mounting area to clean it. Therefore, try to find a dish rack that has this kind of design. This kind of design allows you to clean and install it without taking too much time.

Versatile and Big Capacity

Another thing you also should consider is versatility. It means you can put all types of dishes in this wall mounted dish rack over sink. So, it is not only for the plate. You also can put glass, a bowl, and other types of dishes there. That helps you to save more time to find the place to dry your washed dishes.

Of course, if it also has big capacity, that also makes it all easier to put all your dishes in it. You also can get an extra place to keep other utensils that you need to use faster. No need to put them in the cabinet. The open dish rack helps you to get them easier.


Choosing the best quality wall mounted dish rack could be an essential decision for your kitchen. It improves how you use your kitchen. You also can get a place where you can easier keep dishes and other utensils. Now, you are ready to search and buy the dish rack that you need.


How to Pick the Best Contractor for Remodeling Your Kitchen

The kitchen is said to be the heart of a house. It is the place where all good things come from. Your good mood and happy day also can come from your kitchen, thanks to the delicious and heartfelt meal you enjoy. Thus, keeping the kitchen atmosphere fresh and exciting is a must. For that reason, hiring the best Kitchen remodeling contractors Perth will be a wise decision. How can we find the best kitchen remodeling contractors?

Prioritize on Clients Convenience

One of the best ways to start your search for the best Perth kitchen remodeling contractors is looking at how they treat their clients. Testimonials from the previous clients might be a good source to find more about their work ethic. However, you also can find some small service from them to find more about this matter.

For example, if they provide and use HEPA filter machines during the remodeling process, that is a good sign. That equipment removes the dust out of the house. After they finish the remodeling, this machine removes all the contaminant substances that can be bad for health. That is the best thing you can get from a contractor firm.

A Company with Teams of Experts

A company that has many experts to work with your project is also a good choice. Avoid a company that only hires one or two crew for the project. You will spend more money on them and the remodeling takes much longer. A company with many experts and teams that is ready to deal with any project is what you need here. They work everything efficiently and finish the project much faster. Then, you can save more money and it will be a less stressful project.

Look for How They Treat the Site

Many companies in Perth don’t care about the other area that is not included in their project. Thus, the debris or dust from the kitchen remodeling area travel to other areas and damage them. This kind of company is not the one that you want. Find a company that also gives you a peaceful mind by protecting the other area. It doesn’t have to be big. By providing a simple cover or plastic protection for other areas shows how good they are. Choose a company with that kind of attitude.

Free Consultation Service

A good company should have a good relationship with their clients. It is also the same when you are looking for a kitchen remodeling contractor in Perth. Free consultation service is proof of that quality. Make sure you choose a company with this service. You can ask anything about the project. They also can give you advice on the best remodeling plan that improves your kitchen.

Bottom Lines

In general, finding the best Kitchen renovations in Perth is all about their work ethic. A company that gives you the best treatment is what you need. Even if you have to pay more, see that as a part of your investment in the kitchen remodeling project.


Choosing Reliable Kitchen Cabinets

Remodeling the kitchen is one of the biggest and the most exciting projects that people get to go through. This is because the whole process involves the improvement of the overall look and increased performance. However, a number of considerations have to be made to make sure you get better results. One of the biggest areas of consideration in home improvement is the kitchen cabinets. They are the parts that augment the look of a kitchen and the right choices have to be made.
The first thing that one needs to do is to choose the right style. The style of the kitchen cabinets is determined by the overall style used in the house. The home owners are presented with the options of contemporary, traditional and transitional designs. One has to choose the one that best fits the needs.
The second thing that has to be looked at is the color and design of the kitchen cabinets. The right style might be chosen but if the color and the design of the cabinets do not blend in, the results will be disastrous. To avoid bad appearances, it is important that one chooses the design and color that complements and augments the kitchen for the better. The design should also offer reliable performance.