House Solution: Top Notch Real Estate Brokerage Firm in Egypt

Are you looking for apartments for rent in Cairo and Egypt at large? If yes, House Solution Realty has your back. This brokerage firm in the capital city is expert in real estate. Looking an apartment for rent can be a stressful task, especially if you don’t know where to start. House solution has simplified the process of looking for an apartment for rent in Cairo and its environs. You can click the above link and check out the available apartments for rent. These apartments are found at different locations. Each apartment has different description. Here is why you should reach out to House Solutions:

  • You can adjust prices on their website. Follow the link above and edit the price range. Apartments for rent will immediately pop up on your screen. Scroll down and check out the updated apartments for rent list.

  • Information about the apartments- House solutions has gone an extra mile to add information on each apartment on their website. Monthly rent, features of the apartment, location and a picture of the apartment are some information provided on the website. You will also be notified if the apartment is furnished or not.

  • Contact number- House solution has a representative always ready to answer your question regarding apartments for rent. This brokerage firm can look for an apartment for you if you are not near. They will also help you secure better deals within Cairo and its environs.

  • Tour guide- This brokerage firm can organize trips around the highlighted apartments. Tour guide mostly occur if you request it.

  • Paperwork- Paperwork is crucial in real estate. House solutions will help you with paperwork once you have found the desired apartment.

Don’t get stressed looking for an apartment in Cairo. Click on the link above and get help.

Mark Roemer Oakland Provides You with Ideas for Very Small Bathrooms to Try in Your Apartment Today


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, clever planning and modern furniture and fittings can turn even a bathroom that has minimal square footage into a luxurious retreat. Generally, small bathrooms are considered a disadvantage, but you can convert them to be more functional with creative decor and storage options. Let’s find out how.


The Ideas

Here are a few ideas you can follow for a very small bathroom in your apartment:


  1. Keep the bathroom clutter free and organized – The best way to improve the look and functionality of small apartment bathrooms is to keep them organized and clutter-free. Thus, you should not have grooming products or clothes lying around in the bathroom when every square footage counts.


A clean and organized bathroom also makes it easier to move around in the space and makes it feel less claustrophobic. Thus, ensure you select a few dedicated sections in the bathroom to organize your things such as shampoo bottles, body wash bottles, and more. Preferable somewhere away from plain sight.


  1. Match the floor tiles and wall – To create the illusion of space and invoke a feeling of luxury, it is recommended you match the tiles of the floor and the walls since it will enable the bathroom to feature a more cohesive look.


Large format porcelain tiles that feature fewer grout lines or slab tiles that create a high-end, striking look are perfect for small apartment bathrooms. These also require less cleaning.


  1. Invest in smart storage options – For small apartment bathrooms, it is better to invest in vertical wall storage options instead of bulky floor-standing vanity units so that you can save floor space as much as possible.


Wall-mounted furniture also offers a streamlined look and allows you to hide towels, loo rolls, lotions, and more away from plain sight which helps to make the small space feel less crammed in or cluttered.


  1. Make use of mirrors to make the bathroom feel larger – One of the best ways to create the illusion of wider space in a small bathroom is to invest in antique mirrored walls. Beautiful mirror pieces not only improve the decor of the small space and infuse a sense of luxury but help to make the bathroom space feel larger. Plus, they also help to bounce the lighting which is also essential in small spaces.


  1. Choose the correct paint – You can paint the whole bathroom in a single color such as woodwork white to create a seamless feel which prevents visual distraction and helps to make the small space appear larger.


On the other hand, you can opt to choose a Lily Pad tile with a jewel blue shade and brass and copper detailing to infuse the small bathroom space with a sense of opulence. Plus, you can introduce playful patterns in the space through the use of wallpaper, tiles, or even fabric.



Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you invest in sufficient lighting to make the bathroom space more functional and beautiful. You should install decorative wall lights on either side of the mirror on top of a good ambient lighting solution for different use-case scenarios.

How to Find the Best House at

Finding the best house to buy is the first step toward your profitable property investment. Fortunately, you can find many companies that can help you with that. is one of them. This website can connect you with hundreds of real estate agents that help you to find the best house you can buy. And, to help your house shopping needs, here, we also have several tips you can use.

Choose a Real Estate Agent Carefully

Royalle Page Benchmark will offer you many real estate agents that can work with your needs of the house. However, you should choose the agent you want to use carefully. Make sure they have a good history with clients. Ask for opinions from your friends and family, and read a review about them. Then, choose one that you think is the best among all.

Choose the House and Neighborhood

Next, you should choose the type of house you want to buy. Consider your lifestyle and budget, also the people that will live in that house. For example, a condominium is more affordable than a single-family home. But, it is not a good choice for you who want to have more privacy.

The neighborhood is also essential. Once you have found the house type you want to buy, consider its location. Make sure that it is in a good location, safe and close to various facilities that you need, such as school or restaurant.

Consider Your Budget

You might have found a perfect house in the best location. However, the price is too high for your budget. Then, you have another payment option, which is using a loan. In this case, we suggest you find other houses. You can get it with a loan. But, if it is too expensive for you, it will cause more financial problems in the future. You can still use the loan, only for the house at the price you can afford. So, the budget is still compatible with the loan fee you need to pay frequently.


Those tips help you find the house with the best specification for your needs. Moreover, that house also is suitable for your budget. That is the house where you can live comfortably with your family. You also can use the consultation service from to get more information about the property. They have the best experts that assist you start your property investment.

Beginner Guide for Using Real Estate Broker Service

What do you do first when you want to buy or sell your house? Of course, you are looking for a good real estate professional that can help you to deal with that. Most people will use a real estate agent. However, you also have another option here. It is a real estate broker. This article will help you understand what real estate brokers are.

What is a Real Estate Broker?

A real estate broker is similar to an umbrella for a real estate agent. In short, a real estate agent works for a real estate broker. So, it is not wrong to say that a real estate broker is also a real estate agent because they have similar skills and knowledge. So, if you use a real estate agent, there is a chance you also use the broker service.

A real estate broker has a task to assist you in the property transaction. Unlike real estate agents that only help you to buy or sell property, the broker has more tasks than that. They also assist you with the documentation and the process. They ensure that the process is lawful and you submit all documentation for the transaction. In other words, they help you prevent the law problem in the future.

What Real Estate Brokers Can Do for You?

Assisting the clients is the main task of a real estate broker. However, they can do more than that. As mentioned before, they also assist you with the documentation and legality. Other than that, the real estate broker also can:

∙         Move money between escrow accounts,

∙         Mediate conflict when the dispute occurs between buyer and seller,

∙         Hire other real estate agents.

In short, a real estate broker is a real estate agent that also can run a property business. They can work for a firm or the company they own. They also have more freedom than real estate agents in terms of commission. Therefore, if you can reach the best negotiation result, you can get the best price for their service.

Real Estate Broker Types

A real estate brokerage firm doesn’t have many classifications. However, if you see it from an individual point of view, you can find various types of real estate brokers, such as:

∙         Principal brokers – they are the broker that works on all processes through the brokerage firm,

∙         Managing broker – they have a job to manage the other function than the transaction with clients, such as HR and other parts of the brokerage firm,

∙         Associate broker – this one is the broker that works directly with clients. They deal with the transaction, documentation, and another thing to assist the client with their property.


In short, the broker has a significant role that helps you to deal with everything about the property transaction. They make the complicated process in the transaction easy to understand. You also won’t make mistakes, which can give you problems with your property. Therefore, whenever you want to buy or sell property, use the service of a real estate broker.

4 Tips to Get 100 Commission Real Estate Broker

Selling or buying a house in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina is challenging if you don’t have any experience. The process will be more comfortable if you ask for help from a trusted real estate broker. Agent Group Realty which is known as 100 commission real estate broker can be one of the options. Check the tips to choose the best real estate broker below if you still doubt.

Get Sufficient Reference from Your Network 

Your friends and family are precious sources. Talk to those who ever used a real estate broker. It will be good if they can give the strengths and drawbacks of the real estate broker they have used. Their experiences are useful to know whether the brokers ask them hidden fees or not, the way they handle problems, and many more. The most important thing is that you also know whether they were satisfied with the services of the broker or not.     

Check the Experience of the Real Estate Broker 

Some real estate brokers may have experience handling clients for several years. Try to find the experience that amazed you and may be useful for the trading process. For example, Agent Group Reality has good experience in helping people to buy and sell houses. The eye-catching part is that they achieve the goal by recruiting agents that can sell at least 10 homes in the last 5 years in the USA. Indeed, the agents are skillful enough to handle clients. The process will be much easier when cooperating with a professional real estate agent

The Way the Broker Handle Your File 

You also need to know the way the broker will handle your file. It determines the performance and how long you will get the result. It will be great if a broker can handle or access files anywhere at any time and are mobile-friendly. It means that they are more flexible to access than other real estate agents.

As 100 commission real estate broker, Agent Group Realty updates its technology to improve its services. Let’s say this broker supports you with an online contract. You can even send an e-signature through their system. This broker even helps you to communicate with clients, along with sophisticated technology. During the process, the sales report and any data you need are accessible anytime you want. 

Unique Services 

Check the services a real estate broker offers to you. Most of the services look similar. Take your time to find a unique service. In the case of Agent Group Realty, they will pay the E&O insurance and software. 

It is the reason why this service keeps your commission 100%. They even have sales and marketing coaching. You are about to get 52 weeks of training with a well-known real estate coach. 

So, don’t get confused if you want to buy and sell a house. Let 100 commission real estate broker help you. They give you full support to connect to potential clients and achieve the maximum result. The support will make the trading process fast and you get the result you expect.