Handy Examines If All House Cleaning Companies Are the Same


According to Handy, when you’re trying to hire cleaning services for your home, the market is full of options. You may assume that all of them do the same job of wiping your floors and cleaning your home. However, not all house cleaning companies are the same. Let’s figure out how you can choose the best.

The Details

  1. Reviews and reputation – The first thing that separates a good cleaning company from an average one is its reputation. A decent cleaning company would have a lot of good reviews. If you’ve chosen a few cleaning companies for your home, check out their reviews on different platforms including Google and Yelp. You can also check out their reviews on local forums and websites. Ignore the testimonials and reviews on the company’s own website.

When you read through the reviews, sort them by date and check what people are saying about the company’s professionalism, trustworthiness, availability, punctuality, and cleaning skills. While it’s impossible to come across the perfect company, good companies would have an obvious pattern of mostly positive reviews. Finally, reach out to friends and family who may have tried out the services of one of those companies for a more personal and reliable testimonial.

  1. Insured and Bonded – When a company is cleaning your home, you don’t want anyone getting injured. Even if someone gets injured you don’t want to be the person who’s held responsible. Good cleaning companies know that accidents may happen at work sites and that’s why they have insurance for their employees.

You don’t want the cleaning company to break or damage anything or part of your home either. However, if an important and expensive vase is broken by accident, a good cleaning company is bonded and insured to cover those damages. Choose a company that meets those requirements.

  1. Workers – Another thing that differentiates good cleaning companies from shady ones is the type of workers they have. A good cleaning company would screen their workers, do thorough background checks, hire them as company employees and train them for their job.

On the other hand, shady companies would hire independent workers without thorough background checks to cut down on labor costs. This way they are able to quote you a lower price. However, some of those workers may have questionable backgrounds and the company would not be able to deliver consistent quality of service.

  1. Communication Skills – A decent cleaning company would also be very transparent about their work and won’t hesitate to answer all your questions about the details of the service and the contract. They would also give you a detailed breakup of the quote and won’t add ridiculous charges midway.


Handy suggests that you use the above-mentioned criteria to filter out house cleaning companies and choose one that fits your needs and budget. Choosing the one with the lowest cleaning fee may not be ideal if the cleaning company has bad reviews and isn’t insured to cover damages.

How Hiring a House Cleaning Service Can Actually Save You Money



Cleaning isn’t an easy chore. However, hiring a cleaner does cost a lot of money and most people aren’t able to afford that cost. At least that’s the myth. You can search for “home cleaning services near me” and hire professionals to clean your home. Let’s check out how hiring a house cleaning service can actually save you money.


The Details


  1. Actual cost of hiring a cleaning service – Before figuring out if house cleaning services save money, you need to figure out the actual cost of cleaning. The actual cost of a house cleaning session will depend on various things. It depends on the size of your home, the number of rooms in it, and the various types of services you ask of the cleaners. Apart from that, prices also vary drastically depending on geography. Cities with higher average incomes would have a higher cost of cleaning services.


Similarly, cleaning costs in gated communities and suburbs would be higher than in other neighborhoods. You can find a multitude of resources on the internet to find out the cleaning cost in your area. You can compare the cleaning costs of different services and come to an average figure. For instance, in LA the typical house cleaning cost for a three-bedroom home ranges from around $200 to $250.


Even then, there are exceptions to that average cost. While the cleaning cost may range anywhere between $200 to $250, reputed cleaners that serve your neighborhood may charge a higher amount. Moreover, it boils down to the number of rooms and bathrooms you have and the scope of service you expect. Additional services that aren’t in the standard package of the cleaning company would obviously incur higher costs. Once you have shortlisted a few cleaning companies and discussed cleaning rates with them, you can start figuring out if you will save money by hiring them.


  1. Opportunity cost – You know you can save a lot of money by simply buying gallons of milk and making cheese or butter at home. However, you choose not to do that since you’ll make a lot more money at your actual job instead of churning butter and aging cheese. Your time is your most valuable resource, and you need to figure out how much time you’re saving by hiring cleaning services. You can’t lose out on opportunity costs.


If you make around $50 an hour at your day job and it takes you around 5 hours on average for cleaning the home by yourself, then that time is worth $250. If you can get a cleaning session for lower than $250 you make a profit. Even if you clean the home yourself, you won’t be able to do a thorough job as a professional who has clocked hundreds or thousands of hours in this profession. Moreover, if you’re able to get a cleaning session for around $150 to $200, you make a profit of $50 to $100. If the cleaning session costs $150, you break even if you earn around $30 an hour.


However, there are other hidden advantages. When you hire a cleaning service and spend that time clocking in more hours, you’re able to hone your skills and get better at your job. That allows you more leverage and a favorable position for climbing up the ranks in your organization. Even if you’re not working during that time, you can learn more skills and strengthen your portfolio for better job opportunities. A salary hike of just $10 an hour from those saved hours can amount to an astronomical amount of savings in the long run.


  1. Save money on cleaning products – Quality cleaning products that are safe, non-toxic, and effective at getting rid of trapped dirt and stubborn grime can be expensive. When you clean your home by yourself, you need to spend money on those cleaning products. Some sources estimate that an average-sized family of four spends anywhere around $50 to $60 each month on cleaning supplies. That includes everything from sanitizing wipes and paper towels to floor cleaners and furniture polish.


On the other hand, if you have specialized hardwood or stone floors, regular floor cleaners may damage those materials or leave nasty marks. You need to be even more careful if you have children or pets at home who like to lick every surface they come across. Those specialty and safe floor cleaners cost around $20 on average. If you use a bottle each month, you’ll spend around $240 each year.


When you hire cleaning services, you don’t have to worry about those supplies. Most reputed cleaning companies bring their own supplies and some even bring their own cleaning tools. So, you’ll spend less money on supplies and even less on powerful cleaning tools. You do not even need to spend money on the repair and maintenance of such tools when you don’t have them.


  1. Save on medical costs – The average work week keeps getting longer and inflation has worsened this problem. People need to hustle with a side gig for supplementary income to make ends meet and pay off student loans. All that extra work can be stressful. When you come back to a messy home and drag yourself to clean it up, it continues to increase your stress levels.


Over a long period, this can lead to other issues and make you less productive in general. You may develop anxiety, mental health problems, and other issues that require a lot of expense on medical bills. Hiring a house cleaning service helps you keep your home clean and hygienic so that you can stay healthy with one less thing to worry about.



While hiring a house cleaning service costs you hundreds of dollars, it does save you a lot of money in many direct and indirect ways. It also saves you precious time that can be utilized in more productive ways or for leisure. You can search for “home cleaning services near me” and hire pros to clean your home for you.

Ways to Increase Your Cleaning Company’s Profit Margin

If you haven’t set up your cleaning company to volunteer, your main goal as a cleaning business owner is profit. Without it, your company will not survive. It’s no surprise that one of the questions crime scene cleaners or water damage cleaners as is “how can I increase my profit margin?”.

There are three main strategies for increasing profits for your cleaning business: cutting costs, selling more services, and/or raising prices.

We found that most crime scene cleaners tend to focus on only one of the three ways to increase revenue and pay less attention to the rest. In truth, finding a balance between all three strategies is almost always the smartest approach to building a successful and profitable cleaning company.

How to Increase Your Cleaning Company’s Profit Margin?

Cleaning companies like crime scene cleaners or suicide scene cleaners looking to improve profitability often try to cut costs first. They look at the turnover and then they focus on ways to save on payroll, office expenses, supplies, and marketing. They are looking for more efficient tools and equipment that can provide a quick return on investment by allowing professional crime scene cleaners to do more work in less time.

  • Cutting costs.

The truth is that most of the time we need fewer resources to do our job than we think. Making smart shortcuts allows us to maintain your prices and customer base while still making more money. This means increasing profits without increasing prices or having to find new customers.

What’s more, figuring out ways to reduce operating costs and improve efficiency is a must for the crime scene cleaners because it’s getting harder to find enough professionals to keep up with the growth in sales.

Cutting costs is not always easy. The thinner your operation, the more difficult it will be to find room for further cuts. In the end, you run the risk of cutting too far and ending up with overworked, underpaid, poorly equipped and poorly trained technicians. This will lead to dissatisfied customers, loss of business and reduced profitability. The business may then be tempted to make even more cuts (and exacerbate the problem) or be forced to cut prices.

Lean manufacturing is important for sustainability. Ultimately, continuous growth is the key to consistently increasing profits.

  • Selling More Cleaning Services.

Marketing oriented cleaning company owners are more likely to focus on customer attraction and retention. Their goal is to attract new customers and keep the existing customer base long term. They focus on marketing efforts, upsells and cross-sells, customer loyalty programs and exceptional customer service.

The more clients, the more money. Happy customers are more likely to buy more services and make referrals, which means higher profits.

It costs money to get new customers, including advertising costs and sales team salaries. Fortunately, for existing customers, it can reduce/offset the costs associated with marketing or customer acquisition. You will also need more staff to do the extra work and you may find it difficult to find reliable crime scene cleaners in the cleaning industry.

Raising prices

Price increases do not require new employees or other investments. And even a small change can have a dramatic effect.

It’s a proven fact that 1 percent increase in prices (with no change in sales volume) results in an 8 percent increase in operating profit. This impact is nearly 50 percent greater than a 1 percent drop in costs, and three times greater than the impact of a 1 percent increase in sales.

Clients can pay more, but if they don’t see value for money, they may turn to other cleaning companies, especially in a highly competitive market.

As a profit-driven business owner, your primary goals should be to attract and retain good customers and keep your costs as low as possible while providing a high quality service.

How To Select The Right Colour Carpet 

After you have moved into your new home, you want it to look exciting and lively and what best way to do it other than getting a carpet. You could decide to get a carpet tile or a rolling rug; once you know what you want, the next step is to determine the colour that you want your carpet to be. Setting the right colour is always tricky, but when you speak to your contractor, this can change. In case you are in Manhattan, you could ask your contractor to give you the contacts of the best carpet cleaning Manhattan beach so that in case of anything, you could contact them for help.

Here is a guideline on what to consider when choosing the best carpet colour ;

  • Know the basics

First things first are that you should make sure the carpet you are buying matches your walls and your furniture. In case you don’t know what colour will reach them, you could ask your contractor to come with sample carpets so that you could see what looks good and what doesn’t. It would help if you found a rug that would leave you and your friends astonished. When you are moving into your new apartment, it can be easier to buy your carpet because you will have chosen the furniture, paint on the walls and the curtains. In case you are still confused you could go with a more neutral colour instead.


  • Switch your personality to your carpet

What if you decide to make your personality part of your rug? Maybe you like patterns or something else; this can work since carpets have many designs. If you love prints, you could look into the new trends coming out and ask your interior designer to get something similar to what you have seen. You could also ask your designer what patterns go well in every room. To make your room look even chicer, you could match the designs on your wallpaper with your carpet.


  • Consider your lifestyle

Before you buy your carpet, first look at what is surrounding you, kids, pets and the beach in Manhattan. All these are significant when you go to buy your rug. Lifestyle is essential because it will reduce your option colours to certain colours that will work with your lifestyle. In case you have children or pets, avoid light colours like white and light beige. However, if you love white and have children, you could opt to put the carpet in your room instead. Colours


When selecting the best colour for your carpet, you should know where it is placed first because you don’t want a light colouremaeinon your hallway or tv room since dust and dirt will be seen easily .

How medical waste disposal services syringes and needles

A medical syringe is a necessary attribute of every modern health care institution, ranging from a huge hospital to a small private clinic. However, it’s no brainer that used syringes can be dangerous because they contain not only the remains of drugs but also the biomaterials of sick or infected people, which can be contagious. Therefore, the procedure for handling used syringes is strictly regulated by regulatory documents in the field of healthcare.

Rules and regulations for handling used syringes followed by medical waste disposal services.

There are basic guidelines that determine the procedure for handling medical waste from health care facilities. There are also special sanitary and epidemiological requirements for organizations engaged in medical activities, as well as the instructions for the collection, storage and disposal of medical waste.

All garbage that is generated and accumulated in polyclinics, hospitals, medical centers and other healthcare facilities is divided by regulatory documents into several classes – from A to D according to the increasing level of possible danger to human life. So waste under the letter A is harmless, but category D includes especially dangerous, radioactive types of medical waste.

Syringes used for medical purposes are classified as hazard of category B (dangerous) or C (hazardous) because they come into direct contact with the biofluids of sick people:

If the recommended safety precautions are not observed, the employees of medical institutions themselves may suffer. If not properly disposed of, medical waste of classes B and C can cause the spread of serious diseases.

The bulk of medical waste which medical waste disposal services need to cope with is made up of disposable instruments:

syringes for injection and collection of biological material, which should be completely disposed of after usage;


How to prepare disposable syringes for disposal?

Before disposing of syringes and needles, medical waste disposal services carry out a decontamination procedure. This is mandatory regardless of whether this waste is subsequently discarded, destroyed or sent for recycling.

Chemical disinfection

I order to carry out the chemical disinfection, medical waste disposal services use containers with a disinfectant solution. Often, needles are sterilized directly in special containers designed for their convenient separation from the syringe itself:

1. Needle remover – a plastic container equipped with a device for fixing and detaching the needle after injection.

2. Needle cutter – a collection container with a device that allows quickly and easily cutting the needle from the body.

These devices are used in surgeries, laboratories and ambulances, helping to prevent possible injury and infection of doctors.

In accordance with the regulatory requirements for decontamination, in the absence of such equipment, the removal of the needle can only be done after disinfection.

Temporary storage and transportation of used syringes.

When all parts of used syringes are disinfected and placed in sealed containers or specially marked garbage bags, they can be stored for some time right in the medical facility, in a room specially designated for this purpose.

Transportation of hazardous waste is carried out by special vehicles. According to the rules, this vehicle is used only for transporting medical waste.

Improper disposal of used syringes is a major concern not only for sanitary doctors, but also for environmentalists. Indeed, the period of decomposition of steel needles and plastic cases in a natural way can take hundreds of years, causing harm to nature. Therefore, the right solution is the recycling of syringes, which produces safe and high-quality raw materials suitable for further use.