Valuable Experience from the Founder of DDP Property

You can learn how to become a successful property investor at a young age from anywhere. DDP property is one of the recommended places to learn more about property investment. Zaki Ameer the founder of this service shows that having 15 properties within only 3 years is possible. That’s why he wants to inspire others to achieve the same thing by writing books. Here some crucial things you can learn from the books.

Dream Design Do 

This book explains how Zaki Ameer started as a broke person at 19 years old and owned $3 million property in only 2 years. The content is based on his experience who didn’t have anything because his family has a financial problem. He even had $80.000 in debts at that time. Ameer is not only sharing about his bad experience but also giving a solution. Because of that, the book also explains how Ameer reaches its success by working in one of the top 4 banks in Australia, running several businesses, and being a student. He even has 10 properties within only two years. You will reveal the secret of how Ameer balances his relationships, career, spiritual, business, finance, and community giving as the way he achieves his success. This book shows that no matter how bad you are, there is still hope. You can even be a successful property investor if you want to.

Dream It, Design It, Do It!

Dream It, Design It, Do It is his next book that you can read to learn how to be a successful property investor. This book also shows the way an international student in debt gets his 10 properties. He even develops the properties well to become his wealthy machine. Ameer wrote this book based on his experience. You will get valuable information about why people seem never to become wealthy only because of their incorrect mindset and bad strategies. Indeed, Ameer also gives the solution to change the mindset and take the best strategies to reach wealthiness. This book teaches you how to become a successful property investment and become wealthy from it.

The Background of Zaki Ameer 

Zaki Ameer had a bad life before running and developing DDP Property. He was a 19 years old student with $80.000 in debt. His parents had a financial problem and stopped supporting his study. Instead of giving up and doing nothing, Ameer turned his life around. He worked in one of the top 4 banks in Australia. He also runs several businesses, including Dream Design Property. As an author, Ameer wants to inspire people who face the same difficulty to keep trying. One of the tips that Ameer gives to people is saving money and using it for property investment. The information written in the book is practical in which it is based on the experience of the author. People can also learn how to become successful property investors by following valuable programs by DDP Property. It expects that people can be professional and successful property investors after reading the books and learning from Zaki Ameer.