5 Hidden Benefits of Wearing a Wealth Bracelet in Life

Certain wealth bracelet is made of obsidian. This powerful crystal is believed to give a lot of benefits. An online store such as Fortune Houses offers a variety of wealth bracelets, including Feng Shui Pixiu. Take a look at the benefits of wearing this product below before buying it.

Clear the Psychic Smog within Aura

As a natural crystal made of volcanic glass, obsidian can clear the psychic smog within your aura. In spiritual beliefs, an aura is human energy that represents colored emanation. Spiritualists believe that aura can also reflect health and everything in life, including luck.

The color of aura varies, such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. The more blur the color of the aura, the closer the person with health problems and luck. One way to make the aura back to normal and clear is by using a wealth bracelet which has a role to clear the smog, such as a Feng Shui Pixiu bracelet.

Protect Users from Shadow Traits

Some people often feel anxiety, fear, anger, and other negative feelings and thoughts. Shadow traits can be one of the causes of those negative things in life. Obsidian also has a role to protect your soul from shadow traits.

This stone resonates with the root of the chakra and aids unwanted things away from your soul and aura. That’s why you feel happy and enjoy your life after wearing this wealth bracelet for a few weeks. You can even feel good luck comes into your life over and over again.

Make You More Confident

One of the functions of the black obsidian bracelet is to improve your positive energy. The more positive your energy, the happier your life. The happier your life, the more confident you are. The energy of this black stone is connected to the earth.

This connection is like a magnet that can attract good energy to something close to the stone, including a human. The good energy from the stone attracts good fortune to your life over and over. As a result, you look fresher, healthier, and more confident than before.

Attract Money and Wealth

A specific symbol in a bracelet works to increase the benefits. Let’s say a Pix Xiu is a symbol that can attract money and wealth in Chinese. Don’t get surprised if a person wears a bracelet with a Pix Xiu symbol and he or she is rich and wealthy.

Because of the function, Pix Xiu is popular among business people, investors, and even gamblers in Asia. Instead of bringing it in the pocket or bag, people choose to wear it in a bracelet. It makes the bracelet easy to bring and makes you stylish.

Protect Against Evil Forces or Negative Energy

Some people also use this bracelet to protect against evil forces and negative energy. It is based on the ability of the obsidian wealth bracelet to attract positive energy and remove bad or negative energy. As a result, you are healthier and fresher after wearing this wealth bracelet for a few weeks or even after wearing it only for a few days.