4 Steps to Become A Scary Pennywise Clown with Face Paint in Halloween

Face paint is a popular product during Halloween. People want to paint their faces as scary as they can to celebrate Halloween. You and your family can be a Pennywise clown in a day. Ensure that you get safe paints that will not harm your skin and are easy to clean. Jest Paint is one of the most trusted stores that provide a variety of body and face painting products. Check what you need to become a Pennywise clown before using the products.

Things You Need To Paint Your Face To Becoming A Pennywise Clown

You need to prepare three basic colors, which are black, red and white. Use theatrical cream or grease-based makeup if you want the paint to last longer in your face. It will be better to use alcohol-based paint, so it doesn’t fade only because you are sweating. This paint product lasts longer on your face compared to water-based paint. Use a setting powder or sealer spray on the skin before and after makeup if you choose water-based paint. Jest Paint is a one stop online store that provides you with a variety of body and face paint products, including all the products you need to become a Pennywise clown.

How to Paint A Pennywise Clown in Your Face

Apply the White Base

The first thing is applying a smooth white base. Ensure that you don’t apply the white base too thick otherwise it cracks. Pat your face with a sponge while creating the base to prevent blotches. Cover up the entire skin to make it look real, including your ears, neck, and hairline. Use some grey or black powder on the white base. It gives a dirty look that makes your makeup scarier. Draw grey wrinkle lines on the forehead, thicker brow bone, and cheekbone shading if you have time. This trick makes you look like a real Pennywise clown.

Create Lips and Clown Mouth

Lips and Mouth are other unique elements that strengthen the characters of a clown. Use red for the lips. Paint the lips slightly larger and fill them with red color. Draw a thin red line up to the cheekbones until the bottom of the outer edge of the iris of each eye for a realistic clown mouth.

Create a Clown Nose and Creepy Eyes

Use the red face paint to create a clown nose. You may add a tiny bit of black on it. Create an outline on the eyes with black. Use eyeshadow to create a smoky eye effect. Make the eyes creepier by adding other colors, such as purple, red, green, blue, or silver.

Create a Clown Eyebrows

You can create black, short, and thin eyebrows. On the other hand, it is also okay if you want to create eyebrows that are carved into the skull cap, along with light grey.

That’s it! Be creative to be the most realistic Pennywise clown, including wearing the same clothes and accessories. The result will be perfect if you use high-quality face paint products. Check the products you need at Jest Paint to be ready to celebrate Halloween with Pennywise Clown face paint.