Mounting a TV – All You Must Know

Today, it isn’t like years ago. People used to buy cabinets where they could put their TV. There was no search for the best TV wall mount like today.

Modern TVs are sleek and lightweight, making them easier to mount on the walls. They provide you with more exponential screen room and no footprint.

In addition, modern TVs are on the list of the Internet of Things. So, you can watch them in three dimensions. But mounting TV on the wall is a challenge and requires experienced electricians like Lexity. Doing it yourself could bring more problems and therefore recommended to hire TV installation Melbourne.

Tips to Consider While Mounting Your TV

Once you have decided to mount your TV yourself, consider these tips:

  • Location 

The location should be the first thing you consider while installing your TV. There are a few things you have to ensure they are well catered for, such as sun exposure and viewing angle. Other things include the location of the power outlet and where you’ll keep the devices.

Another issue worth checking is where the cables will be because hanging cables are an eyesore. Nonetheless, you can’t even mount your TV above a fireplace.

  • Don’t Go in Dry

If you don’t want to risk your TV hitting the ground, this is something to consider. Therefore, consider knowing what you want and need before you mount your TV.

When drilling, use the correct drill bit size and screwdriver bit. You must also have a stud finder. If you’ve not used them before, you have to brush up on using the tools.

  • Load Bearing Walls 

Regular old drywall will not support the weight of a TV. It will be a matter of time tumbling down.

Sad as it sounds, you need to have a wall made of something substantial or find a stud. It is recommended that you speak with Lexity professionals about your situation while hanging your TV mount.

  • The Right Mount

You don’t want to go through mounting your TV only to realize you have to pull it down when accessing the ports.

So, if you need a swiveling mount, you should be aware beforehand. And if you need a stable mount, your ports should be situated appropriately before you drill the wall.

In addition, you may need extra help while lifting and mounting your TV.

  • Left to Devices 

This is something that will not do with the physical mounting of the TV. However, after installing it, you need to calibrate your devices, such as video game consoles, media player, smart home assistance, cables, and more.


You can hire a certified Lexity technician to come and help with TV installation and mounting. It only requires you to create a time frame that will suit you best.

A technician can install the TV mount, configure all devices and ensure everything is perfect. Nonetheless, you should not worry about the tools to use or how they are used. The qualified electrician you hire will be well-equipped with everything needed.