Beginner Guide for EPC Certification in London

Nowadays, many factors affect your property value. One of them is energy efficiency. With the threat of global warming, many countries apply a specific rule regarding this matter. All those rules have one purpose, which is reducing the global warming negative effect. The UK, especially London, is also the same. If you want to sell, rent, or buy a house or property, you should acquire EPC Certificate London.

What is EPC?

EPC or Energy Performance Certificate is a document where you can see the energy efficiency rating of a building. Therefore, acquiring this certificate is necessary to find out whether your building or house uses energy efficiently or not.

In general, this certificate only consists of three to five pages. It has detailed information about your building energy usage level. Some of them also have recommendations of the method you can use to improve your building’s energy efficiency. If your EPC has this part of the information, you also can find the cost that you can save through energy saving.

The rating comes in the A to a G rating. The A rating is the best, which means your building uses the energy efficiently and is categorized as an environmentally friendlier building. On the other hand, the G is the worst. If you get this rating, you will have a lot of work to improve your building energy usage. If you keep it that way, you can’t sell or rent your house or building.

Why Should I Get EPC?

In the UK, there is a law regarding the usage of energy for the building. This law was born to reduce the energy-wasting in buildings across the country. Based on this law, you will need an EPC Certificate London to use your house for commercial usage. It said that you have to get an E rating to rent your building.

If you want to sell your house, you also have to tell the buyer about that house’s energy rating. Plus, the seller of the house must provide the information regarding the method to improve the energy efficiency of that building as stated on the EPC document.

The Benefits of Having EPC

You can sell or rent your house much faster and at a better price. A building with a good rating will have higher value because it provides its owner with lower energy usage bills. Moreover, a good rating also helps the new owner avoid various problems with the law. So, it can increase your house selling prices.

As for the house owner, the EPC also helps you to get a better life. You use the energy more efficiently. You save money for your monthly bills. More importantly, you also can save our Earth by reducing the global warming effect.


Knowing how important EPC Certificate London is, you should apply for the inspection right now. Get it now, and if you get a low rating, no need to worry. You can improve your house’s energy efficiency and return it in good condition.

The Role of A Specialist Buyers Agent Brisbane to Help Real Estate Investment

A successful real estate investor is one who understands the property market well. It takes time if you have to master anything about property markets. You can still be a successful real estate investor with the help of a buyer’s agent. In Brisbane, you can consult and ask for help from DDP buyers agent Brisbane. So, what are the roles of a specialist buyer’s agent for real estate investment?

Help to Negotiate 

Negotiation skill is crucial for a property investor. You need to use this skill to achieve the latest information about the property in the local market. For a faster result, ask a professional buyer agent to help you. A professional agent has skilled negotiators who are ready to seek anything about the property market. The idea is to meet your goal to have a promising investment opportunity based on your standard.

Wider Access 

Imagine if you have to meet and negotiate with all parties that are included in the property project. The process takes your time, money, and energy. You also don’t have access to those parties. It will be difficult for you to finish your target. A specific buyer agent, such as DDP buyers agent Brisbane has a role to help you to communicate with all parties involved in the property project. Most agents have access to the builders, property managers, accountants, and even lawyers. The more access the buyer agents have to other specialist professionals, the faster your goal to be a successful property investor.

Give Fair Information 

A buyer agent is not representing any property companies. As a result, the agent gives you fair real estate project information. They will try to understand your circumstances and goals and get the best investment property for you. The result will be satisfied enough for the investors.

Guide You To Get the Right Investment Plan

The role of a property buyer agent is not only to know your investment goals but also to guide you to make a smart investment strategy. Choosing the right strategy limits risks and increases the best possible growth without spending a lot of money. The agent will give you a great understanding that investing is not only spending a lot of money for a higher return. A smart investment strategy, along with a reasonable return is a true benefit for investors.

Convenient Investment 

Property investment includes a sophisticated process. Beginner property investors may not understand all the steps. A trusted property buyer agent can be your representation. They will do the entire investment process for you. You only have to monitor and check the improvement. At a certain point, you can enjoy the result of your investment. It is also a good time to learn more about property investment while waiting for the progress from the agent.

The point is that spending money for the property investment is worth it as long as you know the strategies. Even if you don’t understand all the strategies, you can let a professional agent such as DDP buyers agent Brisbane help you. This agent has roles that cover all you need to know and do as a property investor.

Valuable Experience from the Founder of DDP Property

You can learn how to become a successful property investor at a young age from anywhere. DDP property is one of the recommended places to learn more about property investment. Zaki Ameer the founder of this service shows that having 15 properties within only 3 years is possible. That’s why he wants to inspire others to achieve the same thing by writing books. Here some crucial things you can learn from the books.

Dream Design Do 

This book explains how Zaki Ameer started as a broke person at 19 years old and owned $3 million property in only 2 years. The content is based on his experience who didn’t have anything because his family has a financial problem. He even had $80.000 in debts at that time. Ameer is not only sharing about his bad experience but also giving a solution. Because of that, the book also explains how Ameer reaches its success by working in one of the top 4 banks in Australia, running several businesses, and being a student. He even has 10 properties within only two years. You will reveal the secret of how Ameer balances his relationships, career, spiritual, business, finance, and community giving as the way he achieves his success. This book shows that no matter how bad you are, there is still hope. You can even be a successful property investor if you want to.

Dream It, Design It, Do It!

Dream It, Design It, Do It is his next book that you can read to learn how to be a successful property investor. This book also shows the way an international student in debt gets his 10 properties. He even develops the properties well to become his wealthy machine. Ameer wrote this book based on his experience. You will get valuable information about why people seem never to become wealthy only because of their incorrect mindset and bad strategies. Indeed, Ameer also gives the solution to change the mindset and take the best strategies to reach wealthiness. This book teaches you how to become a successful property investment and become wealthy from it.

The Background of Zaki Ameer 

Zaki Ameer had a bad life before running and developing DDP Property. He was a 19 years old student with $80.000 in debt. His parents had a financial problem and stopped supporting his study. Instead of giving up and doing nothing, Ameer turned his life around. He worked in one of the top 4 banks in Australia. He also runs several businesses, including Dream Design Property. As an author, Ameer wants to inspire people who face the same difficulty to keep trying. One of the tips that Ameer gives to people is saving money and using it for property investment. The information written in the book is practical in which it is based on the experience of the author. People can also learn how to become successful property investors by following valuable programs by DDP Property. It expects that people can be professional and successful property investors after reading the books and learning from Zaki Ameer.

Tips from Dream Design Property To Become A Successful Property Investor for Preparing Retirement

Being a property investor doesn’t mean that you are spending a lot of money to buy a property without knowing anything about it. Dream Design Property or DDP is one of the companies that will guide you to be a professional property investor. A professional property investor such as Zaki Ameer who is also the founder of DDP shows that with a good strategy, he owns up to 15 properties in only 3 years. So, what do you have to do to become a successful property investor and retire at any age?

A Good Preparation 

You must prepare everything well before being a property investor. Make sure that you know the goal of the investment. For example, you have a plan to be a property investor for retiring. You may fail and lose a lot of money without making a good investment preparation. Remember! Property investment often needs a lot of money and you need to be careful with that. Indeed, you will earn more than you spend if you run the investment well. Ameer explains that many people are not preparing anything for their retirement. They don’t realize that they are still alive after retirement and need money. Ameer adds that people can prepare for their retirement at any age even as late as the 50s.

Eliminate Debts

Most people borrow some amount of money to fill their lifestyle. They seem don’t care about saving money and investing it. Debts are the reason why people can’t save their money. People with a lot of debts think that it is impossible to be a property investor. That’s why Ameer gives a simple solution by asking people to eliminate debts. Stop borrowing money and focus on maintaining and developing it. This simple change will lead you to be a property investor soon.

Create A Good Investment Strategy 

You also need a good strategy to make your investment support your life while retiring. Let’s say by having 10 properties with a $300.000 purchase price, you can earn $350 per week. Imagine that you will get $100.000 after 10 years. You can retire without anything to worry about with that amount of money.

Do The Investment Earlier 

Create a plan and do the property investment earlier. The earlier you become a property investor, the better. At least, you seem not to look too old to enjoy the result of your investment after developing it for 10 years. Remember! Investment is also a process. You can’t directly earn the money you want in a few days. Dream Design Property by Zaki Ameer teaches you how to be a property investor as young as you can to prepare for your retirement.

Earning More 

You need to think about something that increases the amount of your salary. You can use the additional money for property investment. It is also an effective strategy, so you can fill your needs and be a property investor at the same time. In the end, you are ready to retire. Dream Design Property also has the solution to earn more money for property investment.

6 Luxurious Condos for Sale In Pattaya

Pattaya is one of the best locations in the world for a person to buy a condo and live in it. Besides, one can also relocate with his or her family and raise children with the best experience ever. Pattaya Prestige Properties helps a person Find Condo For Sale in Pattaya. The following are some of the best condominiums for sale in the region.

Dusit Grand Park consists of 1 bedroom and bathroom. The firm has fully furnished it and it also has a dining region. Its price is 1,950,000 Thai baht. Dusit has a modern European kitchen and its social amenities include a fitness center, and swimming pool. The condo has 24-hour security.

The firm can also help a person find condo for sale in Pattaya such as Arcadia Beach Continental. Just like Dusit, the condo has 1 bedroom and bathroom. The company has fully furnished the condo and it goes for 2,350,000 Thai baht. It has great social amenities such as a pool, jacuzzi, spa, fitness center, bar, and among others.

Veranda Residence has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It also has a good sea view and living region. The condo goes for 9,400,000 THB and is for sale in the firm’s name.

Montrari Jomtien Beach has only a single bedroom and bathroom. Montrari goes for 2,700,000 bahts and its location is in Jomtien. Besides, the condo has a big living area.

When one considers to find condo for sale in Pattaya, View Talay 6 is a good option. The building has a studio bedroom, single bathroom, and a swimming pool. There are also restaurants and laundry services.

Without forgetting the Acqua Condo, it has 1 bedroom and a bathroom and it goes for 2,200,000 THB. The building is in Jomtien and it has 2 rooftop pools and a kiddies pool. For meat lovers, there is a BBQ area too. Its amenities include a fitness center and a sauna.