FAQs About Drywall Repair and Installation

Drywall is a very handy material. Affordable, and lightweight, drywall installation is quite easy if you are well-skilled and equipped with the right tools. Nonetheless, drywall has its own shortcomings. All drywalls are vulnerable to cracks, scratches, and dents. Also, they are vulnerable to water damage. To fix certain electrical issues, part of your drywall will be cut off for easy access to the faulty electrical wiring. Fortunately, repairing damaged drywall is an easy thing to do. Here are frequently asked questions about drywall installation and repair.

  1. Should you repair the drywall yourself or hire a professional to do it?

There are a couple of things to consider in this regard. An enthusiastic DIYer with the right tools and equipment can take on small drywall repairs. If otherwise, hiring a professional drywall contractor can save you time and money.

  1. What are the right tools for repairing drywall installation and repair?

Some of the essentials tools to get started with your drywall installation and repair service include

  • Ladder

  • Drill

  • Drywall saw

  • Electronic stud finder

  • Sanding sponge

  • Hand sander

  • Inside corner knife

  • Utility knife

  • Hammer

  • Flexible knives

  • Screwdriver

  • Tape measure

  • Drywall tape

  • Drywall nails

  • Hacksaw

  • Pry bar

You can find complete drywall repair kits on the market. With this repair kit, you can undertake any drywall repair task.

  1. Should I repair or replace the damaged drywall?

The answer to this question isn’t straightforward. It depends on the extent of damage and the individual’s choice. Minor damage such as nail pops or cracks can be easily fixed by a handy property owner. But if you are dealing with a complex situation like a large hole or mold growth where the spores are evident all over the drywall, it is advisable to consider replacing it. Do not opt for new drywall installation without fixing the root cause of the problem. Get rid of mold growth in the home. Otherwise, be prepared to replace your drywall once again.

  1. Can I recycle damaged drywall?

Yes, damaged drywall is recyclable. You may need to do a bit of research to find a recyclable station near you that accepts drywall. If your drywall is already infested by mold, recycling is not an option. It should be disposed of with care and caution. When dealing with mold, it is advisable to take every precautionary step. Protect yourself. Use a respirator, eye goggles, and disposable gloves. It should be disposed of in a properly sealed bag.

  1. How much does professional drywall repair cost?

When you decide to hire a professional for a drywall restoration job, drywall installation costs are fairly inexpensive with an average of $2 per square foot. Replacing damaged drywall costs around the same amount, excluding the removal of damaged materials.

Drywall repair cost, on the other hand, depends on how badly damaged the drywall is. Other factors that will determine repair cost include the number of hours and resources required.

Rest assured that by hiring a professional for drywall installation, your drywall will be restored to its original state in no time.


Dos and Don’ts of Drywall Repair Service

Drywall is durable, strong and long lasting but it’s not indestructible. As they get older or due to poor installation work, dry walls can sustain cracks or holes. Luckily, there are professionals who offer drywall repair service. It is not hard to fix, so long as you are better equipped with the right tools.

So, how do you perform drywall repair that goes unnoticed by potential buyers, guests or even property owners? Here are some dos and don’ts to follow

DO use the right type of drywall mud.

If the size of the damage is the same as or less than ½ inch, only use a thin layer of drywall for fixing the damage. Use a dedicated putty knife for drywall repair to provide a smooth, well blended surface. The knife smoothens the filler to flush with the wall. Joint compound works perfectly when dealing with smaller holes. Cracks or holes larger than ½ inch, on the other hand, require reinforcing mesh.

Don’t patch drywalls

Fortunately, there are pre-made products designed to simplify drywall repair tasks. Patch drywall using kits with reinforced center panels for large hold and self-adhesive tape for smaller holes.

Do protect yourself

Protection is key when repairing damaged drywall. Drywall compound are made of fine particles that could cause respiratory problem when inhaled. Come prepared to the site with your protective gear including dust mask and disposable gloves. The hand gloves protects your hands from gypsum dust which has a high dehydrating effect.

Don’t cut corners

When repairing your drywall, avoid cutting corners. Take your time. Make sure you smoothen the surface after successfully patching the holes. After sanding drywall the first time, apply a second layer of mud, leave it to dry. Once dry, smoothen it out with some fine-grit sandpaper.

Do take cleanliness serious

At the end of the repair job, you’d want to give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. This feeling can only be possible when your fininsh work is without blemish. To do this, use a box cutter to remove random strands of drywall tape or frayed edges of wallboard paper around the damaged areas.

Don’t cut into a wall without thorough inspection

Electrical cords and plumbing system are laid in walls. Take every necessary preacuation. Don’t cut into a wall without checking to see if it has plumbing lines or electrical cords running through it. Doing otherwise might result in another major damage and costly expense. Shine a flashlight into the hole to see what lies behind. If you can’t get a clear picture, then try to enlarge the cracks or hole carefully. Do not cut too deep. When performing drywall repairs and cutting into a wall, have in mind that wires and plumbing lines can run through unexpected places.

Drywall repair is easy and convenient only if you are properly equipped and knowledgeable about the field. For a professional looking drywall repair job, contact professional contractors today.

How to Choose the Best Lawn Service: Here are Tips to Follow!

How to choose the best lawn service. You may take a look at the garden and yard around your house. It looks so messy and you also feel lazy to clean it yourself. Well, for a small garden and lawn, it may not be a problem at all to take care of it yourself. But if it is quite large, of course, you need someone else to help you.

Yes, rather than asking someone to cut and neat the trees and grass, it seems better to use a service from the lawn and garden company. The workers who are hired there must be more professional and experienced. Well, if it is still making you confused about how to choose the best lawn service, some tips below may help you.

The Lawn Service Near Me

Although many lawn service companies look promising out there, choosing the best one near your house is still the best choice. It is mainly if you want them to come to your house faster once you call them. Besides, it is also easier for you to complain if their works are not like what you expected.

If you are living in the area of Myrtle Beach, the Myrtle Beach Lawn Service in South Carolina is a good place you can go for. The company has been experienced for years in cutting and grooming the garden and lawn. The results are great, all of the trees, bushes, and grasses are not only neat but also beautiful. To get in touch with the company, you can visit its site on MyrtleBeachLawnCare.com.

Read Reviews and Testimonials

After finding lawn care near your house, the next thing to do is find out whether it works well or not. How is it? The easiest thing is by reading reviews or testimonials. They are commonly provided on one page of the site. The more customers who are satisfied with their work, it means that the lawn care is more recommended to choose.

More importantly, take a look also at the way the service responds to the complaints. It is reasonable if some customers may not be really satisfied. As long as they are only a few from the total of customers, it should not be a big deal. Besides, when the company responds to all the complaints positively and they are ready to be responsible, it is just more proof that the lawn company is worth hiring.

Modern cleaning industry. Features of doing business today

The cleaning market around the world continues to gain momentum because the demand for cleaning services as well as the number of cleaning companies is rapidly growing. What difficulties do entrepreneurs face and will the structure of the cleaning industry change in the near future?

The sphere of professional cleaning today is divided into such a way that large-scale projects in the b2b segment are implemented by big profitable companies that provide customers with comprehensive daily cleaning and maintenance of commercial premises such as business centers, shopping malls and entertainment facilities, airports, residential buildings, etc. Small and medium-sized businesses such as crime scene cleaners operate in the b2c segment and provide retail consumers with such specific services as cleaning of apartments after certain unfortunate events like crimes, suicides and natural disasters. This type of cleaning include various types of procedures ranging from odor removal to blood spills cleanup.

Today, a fairly large number of integrated service providers operate on the market, which, in terms of their scale and functionality, are being formed into facility operators offering not only cleaning of indoor and outdoor areas, but also garbage collection and maintenance. Cooperation with companies of this level allows the owners of commercial premises get rid of cleaning, which saves them a fair amount of money.

What are the distinctive features of the modern cleaning industry?

The market of the cleaning companies is undergoing global changes today. Representatives of large companies are trying to expand on the services they traditionnaly provided incorporating such specific cleaning as crime scene cleanup or biohazard cleanup actively employing crime scene cleaners. This trend is easy to explain – the market leaders are trying to jump on the band wagon and be able to complete with the emerging start-ups specialising in specific cleaning services which are gaining more and more popularity today. Indeed, the Internet teems with the ads of crime scene cleaners today.

What happens in the segment of small and medium-sized cleaning businesses?

There have been a lot of changes in this segment too. There are a lot of websites that act as aggregators between the contractor and the customer, providing the latter with affordable prices for both typical services and specific ones as well as professional specialists. There are cleaning schools and certified institutions that offer training programs to improve the skills of cleaning service workers, in particular crime scene cleaners.

How is the cleaning market developing in the b2c segment and how do companies survive in a competitive environment?

The market has grown a lot lately. People are increasingly turning to cleaning companies for help. Ordering services such as window cleaning, regular cleaning, and furniture dry cleaning are really popular. What’s more, there’s a great demand for crime scene cleaners.

Many clients have already understood that saving money of the cleaning services can result in inadequate quality of services provided. Therefore, the clients are ready to pay much money for the services of high quality.

To sum up, the cleaning services or different kind are in great demand nowadays, however, if you want your company to be profitable and competitive it’s necessary to provide the services of the high quality.

5 Basic Things that First-Time Hot Tub Cover Buyers Should Know

Buying a hot tub cover for the first time will make you confused. You have to ensure that the cover fits and works well to protect the hot tub. Before it’s too late and you buy the wrong product, you would better learn anything you should know. The information below helps you to learn more about buying a hot tub cover for the first time.

The Durability of the Hot Tub Covers 

Indeed, you should know the durability of the cover. It determines how long this product will protect your hot tub. For example, a high-quality cover works 5 to 7 years with proper and routine maintenance.

You also have to check the sunlight exposure, treatment, weather condition, and even water chemistry. Buy a hot tub cover with a filter to extend the life of your cover. Wrong treatment and usage may shorten the lifespan of the product by only 3 to 4 years.

The Importance of Maintaining Water Chemistry 

Beginner users often don’t understand the importance of maintaining water chemistry. As a result, they use the water without considering the vapor. Indeed, maintaining water chemistry is critical. It ensures that the water compounds are balanced to control the vapor.

A simple treatment is by removing the cover after treating the hot tub with chemicals. This process will release the corrosive vapor first before putting the cover back. You can also use a double wrap package and thermal blanket to reduce evaporation and keep the heat in.

The Heat Loss After Installing a Hot Tub Cover 

Most beginner hot tub cover users often ask about the heat loss after using a cover. You may think that the cover prevents heat loss, but it doesn’t. The cover reduces heat loss significantly. It is the reason why high-quality hot tub covers use a thick foam to seal the hot tub. Ensure that the cover seals the acrylic shell to reduce heat loss level and evaporation.

Clean the Hot Tub Cover 

First-time buyers also get confused about how often they have to clean the cover and the way to do it. Cleaning a hot tub cover is easy to do. You can clean the cover with a mild soap solution or a cleaner with UV protection.

Clean the cover at least once a month or if it looks dirty. Ensure that the vinyl doesn’t dry out otherwise you will see signs of cracking, wear, and tear on the surface.

Measure a Hot Tub Cover Corner Radius 

The best way to get a fit hot tub cover is by perfectly measuring the hot tub. Ensure that you measure the hot tub not the existing cover. The existing cover can be wrong in terms of the size and model. Use the measurement to find the best hot tub cover. Ask the customer service or expert if you need more information about the way to get a fit hot tub cover.

You may have the same questions as a first-time buyer. The information above will answer your question and lead you to the right hot tub cover.