5 Differences Between Amish Family Life and Modern Families

Education starts with the family. It is the background of Amish family life at the Amish SchoolHouse. This school teaches something modern schools don’t give to its students. At the same time, students can adapt well to the environment after studying in this school. The information below will explain to you why Amish School House is different.

Limit the Use of Modern Technology

Believe it or not, the Amish family doesn’t use mobile phones, although all people use this technology. This family also slowly adapts to modern technology. Instead of using mobile phones and other technology, people in the family prefer to have direct conversations with each other.

Daily Activity to Do

Since they don’t use mobile phones, it means that you can’t check your smartphone when waking up. Indeed, the members of the Amish family have a lot of things to do. In the morning, all the family members should wake up early.

The activity is also unique that children in the city don’t do. For example, children have to feed the farm animals and shovel the snow. Women and children also have to take care of the garden every morning, including harvesting vegetables and fruits to sell at the Amish market. Men in Amish families should go to work, such as making buggies, cultivating a farm, or crafting harnesses.

Use Traditional Transportation

Those who are joining the Amish family life will not use cars to travel to a job. Instead of using it, they take a horse and buggy. They only use a car when going for far distances. That’s why you will always see a barn around the Amish neighborhood. The barn is the place where they take care of the horses.

No Need to Buy Health Insurance

Indeed, they also don’t have health insurance. The Amish family will go to the doctor or hospital if it is necessary. The unique part is that the community will also help to pay the health expenses. No matter who is sick and needs help, the other members are ready to spend the money they have to help the one who needs it.

Have a Strong Bond

Due to all the activities and habits of this community, they have a strong bond. They love to gather and communicate with each other. The community will also help other members who need help. Slowly but surely, they live as a strong community despite their commitment not to get too close to modern technologies.

The Bottom Line

Some modern people get easily stressed because of everything they have to achieve. They still have to see all the things they don’t want to see only from a smartphone and television. In contrast, the Amish family shows that they can survive and live happily even without technology, including smartphones and television. Amish family life also gives benefits for physical and mental health. It seems that modern people need to stop for a while from using smartphones and any technology. The Amish family community can be a good place to visit to try the sensation.