5 Reasons why Designers and Homeowners Prefer to Use LED Façade Lighting

Designers often use Facade lighting to show the eye-catching façade of a building. The idea of using this trick is to set the tone of the structure and unique architectural details. It is the reason why some hotels and other commercial buildings often install façade lighting. Check the advantages of using façade lighting before installing it on your building below.

More Affordable 

One of the reasons why this lighting model is more affordable than traditional lighting models is because it uses an LED lighting system. A Light-Emitting Diode is more durable with a longer lifespan. The system allows this lighting to produce more colors compared to incandescent light bulbs. Best of all, this lighting needs less electricity. It means that the LED lighting system for the façade doesn’t affect electricity bills too significantly.

More Economically-Friendly 

Due to the use of an LED lighting system, you don’t need to worry about the electricity bill. LED lighting consumes lower energy than incandescent bulbs. It is also about the heat produced by the bulb. LED bulbs only give 5% heat and 95% light. In contrast, an incandescent bulb gives only 5% light and 95% heat. It can be a reason why your building feels so hot at night when turning the incandescent bulbs at home. The hotter the bulb, the more electrical power a bulb need.

Low Maintenance Lighting 

Another reason why designers prefer to install LED bulbs for façade lighting is that they are low-maintenance lighting systems. You only have to ensure that the bulbs are well protected because you are about to install them outdoors.

Installing light shields is one of the solutions. The shields not only protect the bulbs but also add the aesthetic ambiance, especially because they come in a variety of colors. The lights may dimmer when installing a light shield but it keeps the lighting in the façade longer.

Remember to use fixtures and bulbs outdoors. Outdoor LED bulbs are often weatherproof and weather resistant. Ensure that the bulbs can handle extreme temperatures, such as in winter or hot weather. That’s it! You don’t need to do other high-cost maintenance only to keep the performance of the LED lighting on your façade.

Easy to Control 

Users can also control the LED façade lighting easier instead of using incandescent bulbs. This lighting system is connected to controllers and drivers. You can adjust the light, including the color and intensity using the controllers. It means you can set the façade lighting more attractive to support the building designs.

Flexible to Use 

The function of a façade lighting system is not to complete the building. You don’t have to install bulbs in all parts of the building. Choose some important parts of the building that you think that people should know or need lighting. Install the bulbs there and the building or house looks different.

Installing lighting in your façade is a good idea if there are interesting spots, models, or architectures to show. The way you install façade lighting determines the atmosphere of the house. You can feel the difference before and after installing the LED facade lighting after turning the bulbs on