Mark Roemer Oakland Provides You with Ideas for Very Small Bathrooms to Try in Your Apartment Today


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, clever planning and modern furniture and fittings can turn even a bathroom that has minimal square footage into a luxurious retreat. Generally, small bathrooms are considered a disadvantage, but you can convert them to be more functional with creative decor and storage options. Let’s find out how.


The Ideas

Here are a few ideas you can follow for a very small bathroom in your apartment:


  1. Keep the bathroom clutter free and organized – The best way to improve the look and functionality of small apartment bathrooms is to keep them organized and clutter-free. Thus, you should not have grooming products or clothes lying around in the bathroom when every square footage counts.


A clean and organized bathroom also makes it easier to move around in the space and makes it feel less claustrophobic. Thus, ensure you select a few dedicated sections in the bathroom to organize your things such as shampoo bottles, body wash bottles, and more. Preferable somewhere away from plain sight.


  1. Match the floor tiles and wall – To create the illusion of space and invoke a feeling of luxury, it is recommended you match the tiles of the floor and the walls since it will enable the bathroom to feature a more cohesive look.


Large format porcelain tiles that feature fewer grout lines or slab tiles that create a high-end, striking look are perfect for small apartment bathrooms. These also require less cleaning.


  1. Invest in smart storage options – For small apartment bathrooms, it is better to invest in vertical wall storage options instead of bulky floor-standing vanity units so that you can save floor space as much as possible.


Wall-mounted furniture also offers a streamlined look and allows you to hide towels, loo rolls, lotions, and more away from plain sight which helps to make the small space feel less crammed in or cluttered.


  1. Make use of mirrors to make the bathroom feel larger – One of the best ways to create the illusion of wider space in a small bathroom is to invest in antique mirrored walls. Beautiful mirror pieces not only improve the decor of the small space and infuse a sense of luxury but help to make the bathroom space feel larger. Plus, they also help to bounce the lighting which is also essential in small spaces.


  1. Choose the correct paint – You can paint the whole bathroom in a single color such as woodwork white to create a seamless feel which prevents visual distraction and helps to make the small space appear larger.


On the other hand, you can opt to choose a Lily Pad tile with a jewel blue shade and brass and copper detailing to infuse the small bathroom space with a sense of opulence. Plus, you can introduce playful patterns in the space through the use of wallpaper, tiles, or even fabric.



Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you invest in sufficient lighting to make the bathroom space more functional and beautiful. You should install decorative wall lights on either side of the mirror on top of a good ambient lighting solution for different use-case scenarios.