Commercial buildings are everywhere around you. They can be residential, industrial, retail, hotel or offices. The East Texas custom home builders provide a complete catalog of the various commercial buildings.

The increasing need for commercial spaces makes venturing into commercial buildings worthwhile. Moreover, there are increasing number of tenants day by day. In this article, I will outline key factors to put into account before setting up a commercial building.


Location is key when setting up a commercial building. You can’t set up an office building in an inaccessible area and expect to get tenants. The building should be constructed in a location that meets its’ purpose. The surrounding should be able to attract tenants or businesses to your building.

In addition, your building should be competitive with the other surrounding buildings serving the same purpose. The building standards should equal or be better that the buildings in the locality.


A commercial building should be able to provide the amenities required by the occupants. Occupants of an office space, for example, would require constant water, electricity and high speed internet supply. On the other hand a residential occupants will require proximity to social services such as schools, hospitals and recreational facilities.

Close proximity to amenities increases the building’s value and ensures a high level of occupancy.


Everyone once in a while says I need my own space. Similarly, an occupant would also put in to account the issue of space. Ample parking space, a playground maybe, back yard and a visitors lounge. Spacious commercial buildings fetch a good market price.


Finally, you would need expertise to finally put up the building. When choosing a contractor, you would want to thoroughly do a background check. A poor contractor might not give you the value of your money. Ask for the previous projects of the contractor or better still testimonials from previous clients.

Put all these factors into account and you will be on your way to owning a profitable commercial building.Map: