Handy Examines If All House Cleaning Companies Are the Same


According to Handy, when you’re trying to hire cleaning services for your home, the market is full of options. You may assume that all of them do the same job of wiping your floors and cleaning your home. However, not all house cleaning companies are the same. Let’s figure out how you can choose the best.

The Details

  1. Reviews and reputation – The first thing that separates a good cleaning company from an average one is its reputation. A decent cleaning company would have a lot of good reviews. If you’ve chosen a few cleaning companies for your home, check out their reviews on different platforms including Google and Yelp. You can also check out their reviews on local forums and websites. Ignore the testimonials and reviews on the company’s own website.

When you read through the reviews, sort them by date and check what people are saying about the company’s professionalism, trustworthiness, availability, punctuality, and cleaning skills. While it’s impossible to come across the perfect company, good companies would have an obvious pattern of mostly positive reviews. Finally, reach out to friends and family who may have tried out the services of one of those companies for a more personal and reliable testimonial.

  1. Insured and Bonded – When a company is cleaning your home, you don’t want anyone getting injured. Even if someone gets injured you don’t want to be the person who’s held responsible. Good cleaning companies know that accidents may happen at work sites and that’s why they have insurance for their employees.

You don’t want the cleaning company to break or damage anything or part of your home either. However, if an important and expensive vase is broken by accident, a good cleaning company is bonded and insured to cover those damages. Choose a company that meets those requirements.

  1. Workers – Another thing that differentiates good cleaning companies from shady ones is the type of workers they have. A good cleaning company would screen their workers, do thorough background checks, hire them as company employees and train them for their job.

On the other hand, shady companies would hire independent workers without thorough background checks to cut down on labor costs. This way they are able to quote you a lower price. However, some of those workers may have questionable backgrounds and the company would not be able to deliver consistent quality of service.

  1. Communication Skills – A decent cleaning company would also be very transparent about their work and won’t hesitate to answer all your questions about the details of the service and the contract. They would also give you a detailed breakup of the quote and won’t add ridiculous charges midway.


Handy suggests that you use the above-mentioned criteria to filter out house cleaning companies and choose one that fits your needs and budget. Choosing the one with the lowest cleaning fee may not be ideal if the cleaning company has bad reviews and isn’t insured to cover damages.