6 Luxurious Condos for Sale In Pattaya

Pattaya is one of the best locations in the world for a person to buy a condo and live in it. Besides, one can also relocate with his or her family and raise children with the best experience ever. Pattaya Prestige Properties helps a person Find Condo For Sale in Pattaya. The following are some of the best condominiums for sale in the region.

Dusit Grand Park consists of 1 bedroom and bathroom. The firm has fully furnished it and it also has a dining region. Its price is 1,950,000 Thai baht. Dusit has a modern European kitchen and its social amenities include a fitness center, and swimming pool. The condo has 24-hour security.

The firm can also help a person find condo for sale in Pattaya such as Arcadia Beach Continental. Just like Dusit, the condo has 1 bedroom and bathroom. The company has fully furnished the condo and it goes for 2,350,000 Thai baht. It has great social amenities such as a pool, jacuzzi, spa, fitness center, bar, and among others.

Veranda Residence has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It also has a good sea view and living region. The condo goes for 9,400,000 THB and is for sale in the firm’s name.

Montrari Jomtien Beach has only a single bedroom and bathroom. Montrari goes for 2,700,000 bahts and its location is in Jomtien. Besides, the condo has a big living area.

When one considers to find condo for sale in Pattaya, View Talay 6 is a good option. The building has a studio bedroom, single bathroom, and a swimming pool. There are also restaurants and laundry services.

Without forgetting the Acqua Condo, it has 1 bedroom and a bathroom and it goes for 2,200,000 THB. The building is in Jomtien and it has 2 rooftop pools and a kiddies pool. For meat lovers, there is a BBQ area too. Its amenities include a fitness center and a sauna.