Wheelchair Ramp Basics

Making your home accessible to a friend or loved one in a wheelchair might be as simple as installing a ramp. A wheelchair ramp for home lets everyone enter more comfortably; whether the user is in a power mobility device or simply needs extra assistance walking, a ramp makes things easier.

Residential ramps come in four basic iterations. To help you decide which is right for you, let’s take a closer look at each type of ramp.

Aluminum Ramps

Modular aluminum ramps are a durable, long-term solution. Aluminum is non-corrosive and stands up to bad weather and heavy use. Professional installation means your aluminum ramp is securely constructed.

Portable Threshold Ramps

Making low thresholds accessible is a breeze with lightweight threshold ramps. The aluminum body is easy to move between doorways, and the portable design means you don’t have to commit to any permanent changes to provide accommodations. This flexible option allows full accessibility for any home.

Folding Travel Ramps

The world at large is a challenge for folks in wheelchairs and scooters. While things are much better than they used to be, many individuals still find themselves shut out of space and places because of stairs or thresholds. A folding travel ramp reduces the worry about wheelchair accessibility by allowing you to take a ramp with you wherever you go. These ramps are lightweight, simple to use, and compact enough to fit in most cars. Some even fold up like a suitcase.

Rental Ramps

Sometimes life’s bumpy roads are merely temporary. Surgery, accidents, and illness can come at any moment and bring with them mobility challenges that can make your home impassable. Or maybe you’re hosting a loved one or friend who requires a mobility device, and you’d like your home to be welcoming for them. Rental ramps are the answer to these and other similar short-term needs. Temporary ramps are affordable, convenient, and easy to install. Don’t risk leaving someone out; rent a ramp and let everyone in.

The Bottom Line

Ramps are an effective short or long-term answer to small elevation changes that prevent individuals with mobility challenges from accessing all areas of your home. Don’t let a few stairs stand in the way of fully welcoming those you love and care about; install a ramp so they can roll right in. Temporary or permanent wheelchair ramps give you flexible options for meeting accessibility needs. When life hands you mobility challenges, it’s time to respond with a ramp.