Managing Stormwater To Keep Water Quality

We should think about the environment every time we do things. We can no longer be careless about the impact that we give to the environment of every single activity we do. Water quality is essential in our life. Without clean water, we are not able to live a healthy life. However, it has been so long that we did not pay enough attention to how our activities harmed the quality of the water. Thus, we need to change our way of life to prioritize the environment so that we can keep the water that we consume in good condition.

Managing Storm Drain

The storm drain will need the best management to ensure that it will not be harmful to the creeks. It is essential to get every tenant or property owner to manage their stormwater in their property so that it can be disposed of properly. There are so many negative effects that can harm the quality of water. Any liquids or materials that are disposed of improperly will affect the quality of the water. It will harm the creeks and the habitats. Thus, managing the storm drain is essential for any activities. The Best Management Practices will be the key to help us to ensure that everything that goes down the storm drain has been filtered.

Small Step Big Impact

It is time to stop taking the water for granted. It is our responsibility to keep the water quality in good condition. Otherwise, we will harm the environment and it will no longer become a safe place to live. We will not be able to give the next generations a safe place to live in if we do not do our best to manage the waste and protect the creek habitats.

The best management practice is to start from your own. In your household, for example, you can start by ensuring no trash, even the organic waste ends up at the drain. The drain goes to the creeks, so you are the filter. If you have dogs or cats, ensure you dump their waste into the trash bin. Never dump their waste into the drain. Inform your family members and if possible, speak to your community. It will help other people to realize that a small step can change the bad habit.

Best management practices can also be done on a bigger scale if you have a business for example. You will need to brief your staff or the management to start making a baby step. It will be different from one field to another. You can always refer to the best management practices that are suitable for your work field.

It is better to start as soon as you know that the drains go to the creeks. the creeks are essential for us. We need good quality water to consume, thus we have to do everything at all cost to stop polluting the creeks. Always implement the best management practices to ensure that you have filtered your waste before it goes to the drain.