Guide to Replace and Install the Faucet Cartridge

Is your faucet leaked? That could be the sign of a problem with the faucet cartridge. You can visit and buy some spare cartridges to replace your old one. However, buying the cartridge only won’t give you the solution for your leaking faucet. You also must understand how to install it. For that reason, here we have the guide, a simple one, to install your newly bought faucet cartridge.

Tools You Must Prepare

After you got the cartridge, now you must have some tools that will help you to remove the faucet and replace the cartridge in it. You need at least four tools for this project. They are a screwdriver, adjustable wrench, Allen wrench, and pliers. As for screwdrivers, try to get the 4-in-1 screwdriver for convenient usage. You can use several screwdrivers of different sizes and types. But, that would be too troublesome. So, use the 4-in-1 type.

Installation Guides

  • Removing the handles and nut

Remove the handle by removing the screws that keep the handle. Most faucets place it under the caps. So, find it and use the screwdriver to remove it. Then, you will see the top part of the faucet cartridge. You also need to remove the cartridge. Use the Allen wrench to remove the nut. Once you do that, the faucet cartridge is ready to remove.

  • Remove the faucet cartridge

Once you remove the nut, you can take the cartridge out. You can do it with your hand. However, if you feel it is too difficult, you can always use the pliers that you have prepared before. After you remove it, see the orientation of your old cartridge. Note it, so you can install the new one in the same way.

But, you don’t stop from just removing the cartridge. You also need to remove the seat and spring that becomes the base of the cartridge. Use the screwdriver to do that. Now, your faucet is ready to get a new cartridge.

  • Installing the faucet cartridge

To install the new faucet cartridge, firstly, you have to put the new spring in the recess. Then, add the new seat on top of it and gently push it with your finger. Take enough amount of the plumber’s grease and spread it on the cartridge surface. Then, push the new cartridge into the faucet. Make sure you use the correct direction that matches the notches direction.

Now, you just need to use the wrench to tighten the bolt that keeps the cartridge. The last thing you need to do is put the handles back to their original place. Use the screwdriver to tighten up the handle. Make sure your faucet works and the leak is gone. And, your job is done.


Installing and replacing the faucet cartridge is easy to do. As you can see from our guide, you can do it without help from other people. Now, what you need to do is finding the best and suitable faucet cartridge.