Green under floor heating systems

Electric under floor heating may use energy from the same source as any other kind of electrical heating technology, but it’s still a very green choice. In this case it’s not about where the energy comes from but a matter of how much of it is required. Placing heating elements under the floor is a very efficient solution. It takes less electricity (and hence less carbon) to heat a home in this way.

A conventional radiator heats the space around it. In order to achieve a reasonable temperature throughout the living space, radiators have to be turned up high and there may still be cold patches in the furthest corners. The area near the radiator will get warmer than it needs to, wasting a great deal of energy.

Under floor heating systems warm the whole floor more or less evenly. The layer of air above the floor also heats up, and that hot air rises, gently warming the whole room to an even temperature with very little waste. The heating elements can be tailored to the requirements of the room too, avoiding appliances and large pieces of fixed furniture. This reduces energy losses even further by ensuring heat only goes where it needs to go.

Environmental consciousness has never been higher. More and more people are looking for ways to reduce their carbon foot print and use energy wisely- and of course, reduce energy bills. Under floor heating is an ideal solution. It is becoming very popular with homeowners and with good reason.