6 Factors That Will Affect Consumer Unit Replacement Cost

You might consider upgrading or replacing the fuse box because of various reasons. You might experience an electricity problem. Your consumer unit or fuse box might not be suitable for your power consumption since there are too many appliances running. Before deciding to replace it, you want to know the consumer unit replacement cost that can be affected by these factors.

Consumer Unit Type

The cost of a new consumer unit will depend on the types of consumer units used in your household. You need to know which one is used among four types available including mains switch consumer units, dual RCD consumer unit, high integrity consumer unit, and RCD consumer unit. Each comes with a different specification that will affect the price.

Home Size

You also need to consider the size of your home before replacing the consumer units. Your home size will determine how many circuits, as well as amperage, are needed. A different number of circuits and amperage will cost differently as well.

Old Unit or Fuse Box Condition

When considering the consumer unit replacement cost, you also need to check the condition of your old consumer unit or fuse box. If it is in a poor condition, you might have to replace it as well. Of course, it will cost more to replace the entire consumer unit or fuse box than to repair its element.

Wiring Replacement

Replacing the consumer unit might not only be about the consumer unit. The electrician will also check the current wiring in your home. If they find poor wiring, a new wiring installation might be recommended. It means that you have to do both consumer unit replacing and rewiring. The cost can increase much more.

Switches or Sockets Addition

You might also want to add more switches and sockets to your house. You consider this option because you want to make sure that everyone in the family can find the space to recharge their electronic devices easily. You can find that the kitchen can work better with extra switches and sockets because many appliances are used in this area from coffee machines to bread makers. In this circumstance, you have to pay the electrician more for installing switches and sockets.


A qualified electrician can also give you an EICR or electrical installation condition report. The report about your electrical system in-depth inspection will be explained in this report. From the report, you will find whether there are deterioration or defects in your home wiring. There will also be a recommendation about the procedure needed to be done for ensuring safety.

EICR of the property is a must for all business owners and landlords. The cost will depend on the property size and how often you have to get the report. You will need one every five years for rented properties or businesses. If you are a general householder, the report will be needed every 10 years. While a homeowner is not required by the law to have an EICR, you might want to have one to know your electric condition. It will also determine the consumer unit replacement cost.