4 Benefits of Putting Your Cats in a Trusted Einangrunarstöð Fyrir Gæludýr

Isolating a new cat before importing them is crucial. A professional Einangrunarstöð fyrir gæludýr helps to ensure that the cat is ready to join their family after the isolation process. The information below explains the benefits of taking imported cats to a pet isolation center.

Ensure Their Health

You don’t know yet if the cats may bring or suffer from a specific disease. A sick cat should be isolated from the population first. The cats have to be treated by an expert vet to ensure that they get their health back.

You also don’t know what happens with the cats during the transfer process. Your cat can be healthy at first but is infected by other pets in the cargo. The expert on the pet isolation center helps to check the health condition of the cat and treat them if it is necessary. The process ensures that the cats are ready to join their beloved family as before.

Give Crucial Treatment After Transferring Process

Just like a human being, cats can also experience jet lag after the transferring process. They can be stressed and get sick without proper treatment. The reason to bring your cats to an Einangrunarstöð fyrir gæludýr is to ensure that they get a proper treatment to prevent jet lag effects.

For example, the team will pick the cat from the airport and take care of the cats comfortably. They will bathe the cats and give them food and a comfortable room to rest. The idea of doing the treatment is to reduce stress during the movement. As a result, the cats come back to you even in a better condition than before.

Get Basic Preventive Health Care

Even if your cats are healthy after the regular medical check-up, the team from the best pet isolation center will also give basic preventive health care. Your cat will get vaccination and parasite treatment to strengthen its immune systems against infectious diseases.

Vaccines protect cats from some common shelter diseases and limit the spread of the diseases to others. Based on the standard, a 4 to 6 weeks cat should receive specific vaccines, such as FVRCP vaccinations.

Older cats should receive an FVRCP and Da2PP. Veterinarians even check whether the cats need to get additional vaccines or not if they have taken them before the transferring.

Get the Best Insurance

Pet also needs to have insurance. It is not only covering themselves but also their owners. The insurance can cover the cost of medical bills for the cats. Some pet isolation centers include insurance services for cats.

The cat owners who put their cars in the pet isolation center will get an insurance certificate. As the owner, you can bring the certificate to the insurance company and manage the coverage if it is necessary.

So, putting your beloved cats in a pet isolation center is recommended, especially after transferring them from one area to another area. The most important thing is that you choose the best place to isolate your cats. Okkarmosel is an Einangrunarstöð fyrir gæludýr that gives all services your cat needs during the isolation process.